Furthering a legacy of friendship, thoughtfulness, and an appetite for life.


who we are

The Warren A. Sill Fund is an Ohio 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to making high impact investment in the education space.

Warren lived his life with a brightness and enthusiasm that lifted those privileged enough to be in his presence. In the Spring of 2012, Warren embarked on a cross-country journey to fulfill his long-held dream of finishing an adventure. His travels took him to British Columbia where he intended to film a rare local bear. However, due to circumstances unforeseen, Warren was tragically unable to complete his expedition.

Warren leaves behind a legacy of friendship, thoughtfulness, and an appetite for life. While the hurt of Warren’s absence is not likely to be short-lived, he would undoubtedly take solace in the knowledge that his passing has led to others realizing their dreams.


WASF provides innovative funding solutions to address persistent challenges and long-ignored opportunities in the greater Cleveland public education space. We believe that students at all levels are best served by an education system that works in partnership with philanthropy to deliver creative, life-changing experiences.

Early Childhood Education Program

The program, which is unique to the City of Cleveland, allows WASF to fund education experts from Children's Museum of Cleveland (CMC) to make in-person visits to the Euclid Park Elementary School five times throughout the 2016-17 school year. CMC educators will provide STEM based curriculum for the classroom in partnership with the students’ everyday teacher, thus creating enlightening experiences. WASF hopes to build upon this pilot program and bring similar programming to additional Cleveland Metropolitan School District classrooms in the years to come.