Spring Term with WASF Scholarship Recipient Amanda Monarchino

The Warren A. Sill Fund’s 2016-2017 academic scholarship recipient, Amanda Monarchino, has been hard at work this Spring term at Kent State University. We’ve asked her to share her thoughts about her current endeavors and what’s coming up next for her. Join Amanda and the Warren A. Sill Fund at Spring Out of Hibernation 2017 and help support the next generation of explorers and educators!

This semester, Amanda is focusing on core classes for science, language arts and the application of these subjects in the classroom. To further improve her teaching skills and help fund her tuition, Amanda tutors science courses at the academic success center at Kent State. She also continues to enjoy leading the Kent State Explorers, an adventure group created to engage KSU students in outdoor recreation activities.

Amanda and the Kent State Explorers

Amanda and the Kent State Explorers

“It is amazing to be a part of so many programs dedicated to educational success” Amanda says. “This scholarship has helped me to both fund my education and have an impact on students in my home city. I'm looking forward to participating in a classroom visit to CMSD with WASF to help deliver enrichment lessons to facilitate student discovery.”

Amanda will move on from her coursework at Kent State in the fall and finally begin a full time student teaching internship. "Each day I look forward to the opportunity to become an educator and am so thankful for programs such as WASF for helping to make that possible.”