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Kent State University students (Main Campus)





April 23, 2015


Warren Sill lived his life with a brightness and enthusiasm that lifted those privileged enough to be in his presence. In the spring of 2012, Warren embarked on a cross-country journey to fulfill his long-held dream of finishing an adventure and finding himself along the way. His travels took him to British Columbia where he intended to film a rare local bear. However, due to circumstances unforeseen, Warren was tragically unable to complete his expedition. Warren leaves behind a legacy of  friendship, thoughtfulness, and an appetite for life. While the hurt of Warren’s absence is not likely to be short-lived, he would undoubtedly take solace in the knowledge that his passing has created an opportunity for others to experience an educational  institution he loved so very much and of which, he is an alumnus.

long-time resident of Northeast Ohio and graduate of Elyria Catholic, Warren left behind a loving family of his Mother Carla, Father Herb, and Sister Maureen. While enrolled at Kent State, Warren had a wildly-diverse group of friends and was involved in everything from his Delta Tau Delta fraternity to a semester at Walt Disney World. Uniquely, Warren frequently demonstrated an immense and genuine interest in the lives of his closest friends and brief acquaintances alike. Still in search of his life’s work, Warren excelled in the field of information technology, but was never fully committed to the career path. Instead, Warren sought to write his next exciting chapter. This search manifested itself in his lifelong love of animals, specifically the goal of being amongst rare bears. The road trip that followed is a classic American tale of a person seeing their dreams to fruition, at times without regard to their eventual conclusion.